Winter Term


Updated programme.

Remember tutoring days are your days, bring work you’d like to finish or want help with. If you’d like to work on something specific, speak to me and I’ll do my best to make sure the materials or equipment that you need are available the following week. The theme for this years exhibition is “Cairngorms” so be sure to keep that in mind for when you’re planning your next masterpiece. Appropriate source imagery will be available on tutoring days in the classroom.

October 26 – Tutoring, any other requests……Also a committee meeting.

November 2 – Textile design. Learn techniques for creating a repeating pattern, both manually and digitally. Print onto fabric to create christmas presents and decorations.

November 9 – Tutoring (might be a little late as it’s a parents’ evening as well).

November 16 – Masks….. silhouettes workshop no. 2 and a chance to make some masks for an event in the Iona Gallery.

Bonus event… There will be a wee fundraising sale for the Grantown Grammar art Department. Wonderful tubes of watercolour, oils, pastels etc will be available at discounted prices. There will also be the opportunity to buy goods produced for the Christmas craft fair in the museum for those that can’t make it on Saturday.

Bring your wallets and purses.

November 23 – Tutoring.Printing with found objects offered if you’d like. Bring leaves, feathers, etc, to print with.feather

November 30 – Mugs and jewellery. Some new products to make and a good chance to make some more Christmas presents.

You will need some pictures to scan. If you want to do a mug the picture should have a clean white background. Bracelets will cost £5, and will come with a nice wee presentation box, mugs will cost £5 (you don’t have to have pictures of skulls on them!)



December 7 – Tutoring. (Another chance to get your mugs and jewellery printed)

December 14 – Mixed Media flower painting. Watercolour/printing and acrylic used to create expressive pictures of flowers. Materials will be available but if you’d like to bring a favorite medium or source image feel free.

December 17 – Saturday lunch at the Garth

December 21 – Quiz night


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