Autumn Term



August 17 – Tutoring/ confirming the terms workshops

August 24 – Silhouettes and patterns. (drawing with or without colour). Remember to bring in your bottles for the “Thunder in the Glens” stall on the weekend!

August 31 -Tutoring/committee meeting

September 7 – Clay/ plastercasting  (like on Countryfile!)

September 14 – Tutoring plus a spot of plater casting and glazing ceramics

September 21 – Mixed media/painting

September 28 -Tutoring (drawing with words)

October 5 – Drawing with words. Didn’t get a chance to demonstrate this technique last week so will do it this week.  Bring a pencil or pen and some paper. If you want to use coloured pens that will be good too. Source images of butterflies and moths will be available in class but you’re welcome to bring your own if you’d like.