Lino printing

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Another fun night printing but lino printing is a bit tricky to get your head round as everything prints in reverse. Some students got the knack pretty quickly and produced some very nice work. Next week it is printing with ‘found objects’ ie feathers, leaves, wool and any other bits and bobs. Maybe we can also add a very clever string trick into the mix?


It’s a wrap!

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Everyone agreed, what a fun class it was last night. Angus showed us how to get creative and make some wrapping paper from one small drawing. Everyone produced very different designs so here is a small selection to get you inspired for next week!

Motormania -call for bottles

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Remember we need all sorts of bottles for the motormania event on Sunday 3rd September. Please remember to bring your bottles along to the class on Wednesday 30th August.


Thunder in the Glens

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Great work by everyone involved this weekend. A total of £331 was raised at the tombola so thanks to everyone involved.


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Last chance to e-mail your images to be made into stencils. Please e-mail them before tonight’s lesson so Angus will have time to work on the images so they can be used.

Select an image that is a silhouette against a strongly contrasting background. Remember these images will be cut out so shapes within shapes will fall out, you will be left with an outline.

See you tonight.

Guess who 2!

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More portraits this week, with Angus leading a string of varied drawing exercises for the class.

Using resources and each other as models (including Angus himself), members sketched their way through: drawing upside down; drawing while not looking at the papers; drawing using only straight lines; and using graphite pencils.

The class fell near silent as everyone concentrated on capturing the details of faces – though there was plenty of laughter when people went round the class to check out the results.

Coming up on Wednesday May 17 – more portraits and a painting challenge.